Cream French Bulldog


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Pet Type: Dogs

Pet Breed: French Bulldog

Breed Popularity: #03 out of 244

Breed group/Size: Purebred/Small Size

Advert Type : For Sale

Pets Current Age : 9 weeks, 3 days

Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes
KC Registered:  Yes

What is a cream French Bulldog?

To begin with, a cream french Bulldog has a solid coat in a warm, creamy shade.

Also, they are slightly darker than white Frenchies, but paler than a fawn Frenchie.

Secondly, the dogs usually have no markings but occasionally may find a cream french with black mask.

French Bulldogs with cream coloring will have the same overall personality and general health concerns as any other Frenchie shade.

Is Cream French Bulldog a Standard French bull Color?

According to the AKC breed standard, cream is a standard and accepted color for the Frenchie breed.

cream French Bulldogs are also allowed to have a slightly lighter nose than other shades, according to the AKC breed standard.

Can Breeders Breed for Cream French Bulldog Coloring?

However, it’s very important that you only choose a reputable breeder.

Breeding for a specific color at the expense of overall health or temperament is risky.

Reputable breeders will prioritize good health over other traits, such as coat color.

Especially in a breed like the Frenchie that already suffers from a number of shape-related issues.

Are cream French Bulldog Puppies healthy?

  • French Bulldog coloring is caused by the dilution gene.
  • And sadly, this gene is linked to alopecia in many dogs.
  • Cream Frenchies with alopecia may start to lose their coat in patches, or altogether.
  • Or, their fur could thin over time.

Owners should be aware of the following problems if they are looking to own a cream French Bulldog:

Finding a Cream French Bulldog Puppy

Very much popular, but may be hard to find, since puppies must inherit the color dilution gene from both parents.

If you do choose the breeder route, make sure you are only buying cream French bulldog from reputable breeders.


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I love this site, they got amazing pups for home i really can't stop enjoying my little fur friend ❤️😍

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Nice amazing Frenchie i got from availablepups.

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